The Basics
Photos, Videos and PDFs

In the journal editor, the keyboard accessory toolbar, displays the button that opens the camera on your phone. You will need to grant access to the app to use the camera and microphone when prompted in order access this feature. The app adds the photo or video you take to the journal entry at the location of the blinking cursor.

Tap the button to open the photo library on your phone. You will need to grant the app access to your photo library when prompted in order use this feature. Choose a photo or video from your library to add to your entry.

Tap the button to insert a photo, video or PDF from the files or other apps on your phone.

To view all the media you have inserted into your entries, navigate to the Gallery view by tapping the button in the app toolbar. From this view, tap on an images to open that photo, video or PDF in the Media view.

In the Media view you zoom and pan images, play videos and scroll through PDF files. Tap on the photo, video or PDF to maximize it and hide all the app toolbars to focus on the media. Tap again to restore the app user interface. Tap the button to open the inspector to see details about the media. Tap the button to rotate your device to landscape for better movie watching.

Inkwell overlays the date and location of the journal entry where you inserted the photo, video or PDF. Tap the date to open the Journal view and navigate to that journal entry.

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