January 24, 2019
Inkwell 1.0
We released Inkwell 1.0 today, and it is now available in the App Store.

Your journal is your life. Inkwell is designed to present your life in a way that is a pleasure to read and write. Your journal will feel like a story that you write one thought, one event or one moment at at time.

You can add photos, videos and PDFs to your journal entries to fill your story with more than words can say. Inkwell’s media gallery is a great place to browse your photos and videos or help you find an entry in your journal when all you have in your mind is the image of a photo you shot or a page you scanned.

Inkwell remembers when and where you write your journal entries. With the calendar and map views it is easy to travel through space and time to find what you wrote.

What if you want to revisit your musings on your friend Wendy or the book you read last year, the lovely drive by the sea or that spiritual moment that calmed your soul on a bad day. Easy! Type what you are looking for into Inkwell’s search bar. It can find any journal entry from the words you wrote.

Inspired by the best social media apps, Inkwell is a journal for your personal feed. This feed is your life story. It is yours to remember.